Starting a clothing brand can be a very intense and stressful endeavour because the process of manufacturing is an engineering process – a process that needs education and experience. At Lava Ink we understand that a person with a great idea for a clothing label may not possess the skills,education, experience or industry knowledge to realise their dreams and become a successful brand.

Our Mission

  • As a Clothing Manufacturing, Branding and Consulting firm our aim is to facilitate all the processing of your product and to turn what’s in your imagination into a reality.
  • Is to acknowledge that time is valuable in such a fast-paced world and as a Promotional/Corporate supplier of clothing and gifts, we promise to make your next project smooth and hassle-free.
  • To create symbiotic relationships university students by employing them to work on Campus, thus allowing them to pay off student loans and earn extra income without having to have to work after hours.
  • To provide work to CMT factories of the Western Cape by creating a successful marketing platform and generating work from new target markets.

We are the “one-stop-shop” that makes it possible for anyone to create a clothing line or product, whether it be for high fashion, Corporate or Promotional Wear.



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